The latest news on the search for UFOs and UAP

Just four friends and a bad idea.

Welcome to UFOs. I’m Isaac Saul and I’m here with my family and friends: Noah Saul, Bob Glass and Jon Pfancook.

For centuries, people have been claiming interactions with extraterrestrial life and their technology. In the last decade, those claims have gone from a trickle to a firehose. The U.S. government has begun to acknowledge (and release) footage of “unidentified aerial phenomenon” (UAP). Retired military personnel and members of Congress have acknowledged the existence of what’s long been discredited as conspiracy theories. And explanations for these sightings, encounters and video evidence have become more and more fascinating.

Are we witnessing alien technology? Or military technology that belongs to a foreign power? Or are our eyes and brains deceiving us? Is it a trick on the psyche, or is the trick that we are being made not to believe?

As UFOs and UAP become de-stigmatized, we’ve decided to investigate. Isaac is a politics reporter and the founder of Tangle, another Substack newsletter. Noah is a general contractor and lover of conspiracy theories. Bob is a project manager in the environmental services industry who entertains Noah’s conspiracies. Pfancook is a sound engineer and an all-around affable guy who we suspect is a closeted true believer.

In this weekly podcast and newsletter, we’ll be sitting down with true believers and skeptics, parsing their arguments and arguing amongst ourselves about what’s real and what’s not. Along with it, we’ll deliver all the latest news on the search for alien life, the declassifications of once-secret documents, and everything you’ll want to know about the unidentified — or unexplained — experiences happening across the planet.

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